Hottest Fall Trends for the Style Savvy Gentlemen

Fall has arrived with all its glory and the runways have been flooded with countless new and exciting trends, along with some splendid vintage revivals. Get ready to brim up your wardrobe with striking hues of scarlet, artsy tailored suits, and fur-lined shearling bombers.

Here, take a look at the hottest trends to rock this fall:

Excessive Padding

Designers, such as Balenciaga and Rick Owens amongst others, have showcased a wide variety of
luxuriously comfortable outwear with exaggerated padding. Outwear with excessive padding and
greater volume have emerged as the most dramatic trend to dominate this fall, and you can shop it in all kinds of oversized proportions, shapes and designs.

If you are planning to invest in a fine quality luxury designer outwear staple, it should be none other
than the trendy padded jackets. These delights truly give new meaning to hybrid forms, and provide you the luxurious comfort of high-tech fabrics.

Playful Tailoring

Gone are those awfully boring days of plain black, grey or neutral-toned pantsuits, and you can also say goodbye to those grandpa-style plaid suits. This fall, designers, particularly Dolce & Gabbana, have flooded the runways with vibrant and exotically printed tuxedos and pantsuits.
You can shop gold-toned florals, monotone embossing, oriental designs, jungle prints, graphic art, abstract patterns and lots more. These sharply tailored delights are a definite must-have to strike a charmingly unique statement at festive and black tie affairs.

Hottest Fall Trends for the Style Savvy Gentlemen

Bold Notes of Red

Red has emerged as the hottest colour of the season, and gentlemen, if you want to ravish the crowds with your bold charisma, it is the one colour that you need to shop in abundance. Bright red pants, cosy knitwear, graphic cardigans, artsy sweatshirts, and even sharply tailored red suits were all the rage at the runways this fall.

Dior Homme provided a charming variety of head-to- toe red statements, while Dries Van Noten offers some incredibly iconic knitwear staples. Truly, red is your best pick to electrify your wardrobe and strike an energetic pose at work!

Shearling Invasion

If you’ve always admired Tom Cruise’s outwear wardrobe in Top Gun, now is your chance to stock up those handsome shearling bomber jackets in your wardrobe. Fur-lined collars and vintage-inspired designs have flooded the runways in the form of shearling bomber jackets.

Whether you want to experiment with a ‘70s inspired look or invest in a more Russian military-style statement, fall’17 collections are brimming with a striking variety. You can explore countless colour palettes, such as foamy whites, sandy browns, tan, camel, nude, textured leather and much more.

Statement Fur

Fall 2017 is a great time for men to indulge in the luxurious pleasures of statement fur. Designers have lined up a charismatic and un-ending flood of variety. You can experiment with bold colours, textured fur, animal skin detailing, embroideries, oriental prints and a great deal more. Fur is a symbol of luxury, and this season, men get to enjoy the very best of it.

What to do before Buying a Custom Tailored Suit

Well, fashion evolves and comes back in a particular period. Be it men’s or women wardrobe, your news suits you bought just a month back may become outdated with an upside down change in the fashion industry or a 3-year old shirt just comes back to trends in the market, who knows. For a perfect selection of your wardrobe, great care must be taken especially for custom tailored men suits. There needs to be a pro knowledge about men’s clothing and latest styles before buying a thousand-dollar suit for your life-changing events. Here are few tips and tricks that are needed to be mastered or at least to be heard of before going for ordering the custom tailored suit.

Don’t go for Over Stylish Suits

Yeah, that one suggestion is for those of us who aren’t millionaires yet. Stylish trends fade over a few months, a year at max. If you are flexible and tight on budget simultaneously and can’t afford to buy a new one after six months, go for a bit expensive yet evergreen suit for your wardrobe. It will last for years; it will save your time and money. Another one, don’t give your custom suit an overstyled joker look by adding unnecessary patches and button material. Stay simple, do the best matching and avoid spoiling the elegant suit to a tailor shop.

Choose your Fabric Wisely

The fabric must be the foremost priority while looking for a custom tailored suit. Too much contrast or bold colors may undermine the class of it. Instead, go with the flow, choose what’s doing good in the market, what most people are wearing these days, the classic men’s wear is gray, black, and navy blue with light to medium contrasts. Always ask Google before getting to any assumption, it is an excellent way to do your homework before buying that expensive suit.

Look for the Best Tailor

It is the most critical part, I believe so. If you have an expensive suit with an unskillful craftsman, your money will go down the drain for naught. Google will help in the matter, browse all the best tailors in town and read the user reviews on their websites and Google Reviews page. Shortlist the best of them and make a visit to them all, you will find the top one at the end of the day. Also look for the lowest price quotes that are being offered. Always go to that shop that accepts alteration requests by customers in case anything’s left bigger or smaller than expected, adjustment warranty is offered by most of the custom suit tailors in the United States and Europe.

Avoid Free Advice

Be it from the tailor that is going to sew your suit or a friend that already had some bad experience with his custom tailored men’s suit, refrain from free advice. Most of the people navigate you to the wrong choice, go for expert advice rather than listening to tailors, salesmen, or anyone.