What Girls Love about Black and Blue Suits?

Most of us men wear stuff what girls love about, so why not talk about what suit girls love most? The answer is blue and black can be worn anytime anywhere, except for the first date. As a universally accepted and adopted fashion by men, there’s no reason girls hate when you wear a classic black suit with appropriate collared shirt and a bow or tie with black shoes, and of course a dark tie. Navy Blue or vibrant blue has its property of fitting to every situation, be it a formal meeting, a job interview, or a party next door. Girls love men in suits ten times those in casual streetwear or jeans, so wearing a suit itself is an advantage if you are going to impress her with it.

Choosing the best one out of so many costume colours increase the benefits of her talking to you at least. So, what girls love about black and blue suits? Here are the reasons.

It’s trendy

Well, everyone goes in flow with the trend, choosing a trendy colour attracts everyone including women. Blue and black never goes out of fashion, so it’s safe to say that trend follows blue and black. Also, black colour defines sophistication and women love men with nice picks such as a black suit. The trends change anyhow. Still, the well-custom-tailored suit never gets old; navy blue is an evergreen colour for men’s suits and thus an ever-loved colour by women.

It’s Irresistible

Navy Blue suit with textured tie, a light blue shirt and some tanned pair of shoes, if it is a waistcoat in place of a blazer, it’s fine by all means, it becomes irresistible to opposite sex. If you have done it right, it will steal her heart right away. As for black, it needs to be correctly worn, and you are good to go for any expedition talking to her. Moreover, the way it attracts and is picture perfect is distinct from the fact that black suits are best-selling in the world market.

It indicates Success

A man in a suit shows success; you will always have the edge over a guy with casual torn jeans and t-shirt. It also impacts the way you talk; women love successful men, your suit will help her make an opinion about you. A suit with proper fitting will make it easy for any women to adore you. Wearing a suit is a status symbol, women attract more towards the men in black & blue suits for sure.

There’s No Fashion Deadline

Black and Blue can be worn in any season, anywhere in the world. Buy an expensive one and use it for the rest of life if you wish. Both Blue and Black are evergreen, fashion never seems to upset custom-tailored suits, if you are wearing everything impeccable from head to toe, you will have a pleasant persona that is loved by women. Suits always attract attention, all you need to do is an added topping to make the situation more advantageous.

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