5 Suits to Wear on a Formal Party

Speaking of formal parties, every look and action matters, there are filthy rich businessmen, some serious class of men and women that note down everything. It is important to dress up well and good before going to formal parties, you are going to wear the best suit in your wardrobe for that all important formal event, so what to wear for it?

If you are still confused and Google brought you here, we will provide you the best opinion. Here are the best ideas for men to wear in a formal meeting, be it a wedding party or an anniversary, or an official get together.

Vibrant Blue Suit with Camel Shoes

Blue is an evergreen color; it will do great in a formal event. Aspiring entrepreneurs love blue suits for interviews; young businessmen love them, and bankers alike. Catered to the needs of men in 20s and 30s, Blue has been a symbol of class and elegance in formal parties. For the best combination, wear a plain white shirt, camel tie and shoes if it’s in your wardrobe. If it isn’t, move to our next recommendation.

Charcoal Formal Suit

Along with Navy Blue, the second most recommended suit to buy is Charcoal. It isn’t as absorbing as black and not much like gray. The nearly black and mostly gray tuxedo will help you get a good insight of your looks in a formal party. The best combination to follow is charcoal pant, blazer, and waistcoat with a blue textured tie and black shoes with a plain white shirt. The mishmash looks killer with bearded men with dark hair.

Light Grey Tuxedos

Tuxedos are signature dresses for formal parties; they are first few additions everyone must consider for building a wardrobe. If you have one, try the best combination to look the most stylish in the party. Grey blazers with the same colored waistcoat and pant and a gray colored shirt with linings with a black or dark gray tie on top and sunglasses will be a perfect blend with brown pointed shoes.

Burgundy Suit with White Shirt

Burgundy is a great color, a must-have suit for men’s wardrobe. The best color combination is burgundy blazer and pant, gray textured tie with tie clip, white or off-white cotton shirt, and burgundy shoes, and an elegant burgundy waistcoat is finalizing the seamless outfit.

Classic Black Tuxedos

Ah! They are undisputed champions of all the formal party suits for men. There’s nothing sexier and stylish than an all-black tuxedo with a bow tie. Well, the best combination is a black blazer, waistcoat, bow tie, and black shoes. The only thing out of black is a plain white collared shirt. The black tuxedos are worn in low light conditions, mostly under artificial light, they are loved by actors on red carpets, businessmen on formal meetings, and rich bankers in wine parties.

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