5 Suits to Wear on a Formal Party

Speaking of formal parties, every look and action matters, there are filthy rich businessmen, some serious class of men and women that note down everything. It is important to dress up well and good before going to formal parties, you are going to wear the best suit in your wardrobe for that all important formal event, so what to wear for it?

If you are still confused and Google brought you here, we will provide you the best opinion. Here are the best ideas for men to wear in a formal meeting, be it a wedding party or an anniversary, or an official get together.

Vibrant Blue Suit with Camel Shoes

Blue is an evergreen color; it will do great in a formal event. Aspiring entrepreneurs love blue suits for interviews; young businessmen love them, and bankers alike. Catered to the needs of men in 20s and 30s, Blue has been a symbol of class and elegance in formal parties. For the best combination, wear a plain white shirt, camel tie and shoes if it’s in your wardrobe. If it isn’t, move to our next recommendation.

Charcoal Formal Suit

Along with Navy Blue, the second most recommended suit to buy is Charcoal. It isn’t as absorbing as black and not much like gray. The nearly black and mostly gray tuxedo will help you get a good insight of your looks in a formal party. The best combination to follow is charcoal pant, blazer, and waistcoat with a blue textured tie and black shoes with a plain white shirt. The mishmash looks killer with bearded men with dark hair.

Light Grey Tuxedos

Tuxedos are signature dresses for formal parties; they are first few additions everyone must consider for building a wardrobe. If you have one, try the best combination to look the most stylish in the party. Grey blazers with the same colored waistcoat and pant and a gray colored shirt with linings with a black or dark gray tie on top and sunglasses will be a perfect blend with brown pointed shoes.

Burgundy Suit with White Shirt

Burgundy is a great color, a must-have suit for men’s wardrobe. The best color combination is burgundy blazer and pant, gray textured tie with tie clip, white or off-white cotton shirt, and burgundy shoes, and an elegant burgundy waistcoat is finalizing the seamless outfit.

Classic Black Tuxedos

Ah! They are undisputed champions of all the formal party suits for men. There’s nothing sexier and stylish than an all-black tuxedo with a bow tie. Well, the best combination is a black blazer, waistcoat, bow tie, and black shoes. The only thing out of black is a plain white collared shirt. The black tuxedos are worn in low light conditions, mostly under artificial light, they are loved by actors on red carpets, businessmen on formal meetings, and rich bankers in wine parties.

10 Evergreen Suit Options for Men

Picking up the suit type and colour that fits to all the events and seasons is a tricky choice for men. There needs to be an expert opinion before buying an all-expensive custom tailored suit, here you will find the most appropriate expert advice on what to buy and what not to. We have compiled a list of 10 evergreen suit options for Men that can help anyone choose from the best 10 and go for the suit that suits best among them.

Light Grey Suit

Light grey suits look sexier on men, with a grey blazer and pant combo and a textured tie colour and a light coloured shirt, it will look as it’s made for you. You can wear any dark shoe range on light grey dress pant.

Navy Blue Dress Pant

If you are going for a more decent look amalgamated with class and elegance, navy blue chains everything as a universal light colour to wear at any place. There are multiple options for tie and shoes along with navy blue dress pants; all looks good along with it.

Charcoal Range

Charcoal suits are nevertheless classic in looks; they are worn by most of the celebrities on red carpets and special occasions, it is a star studded suit range. You can wear a jacket along with blazer, a light coloured tie with an off-white collared shirt. Charcoal or black shoes look awesome with the dress.

Nep Textured suit

Woolen nep textured suits are in the market for so long; they look fabulous in winters and spring season, these suits can be worn with dark coloured tie and shirts of somewhat darkish complexion. Jackets and dark shoes look good on those warm coats and pants.

Stylish Blue Coloured Suit

It’s more like an all blue colour range within the custom tailored men’s suits. It has blue blazer and pants with options to keep any colours, lighter coloured preferred for shirts, and blue or black shoes. The tie wearing options can be modified, printed ties look more beautiful than any plain coloured tie.

Tan Suit

Tan suits are trending worldwide as neutral options for formal meetings. These suits look adorable with the same coloured tie and lighter shirt preferences. It comprises tan coats and trousers with brown or reddish ties.

Red Nep Suit

A new style, red nep suits are one of the recommended evergreen custom tailored men’s suits. The rust waistcoat with trousers of same dye and black shoes will discover the most handsome out of you as you walk through the office door.

All Black Suit

Evergreen for parties, all black includes waistcoats, blazers, boots, ties, and shirts of the colour black. They look sexier on fit bodies rather than the bulky wearer. Sometimes, grey jackets are preferred over black.

Burgundy Dress Pant

It is classic and recommended colour; people call it a heart stealer suit colour. There are waistcoats, blazers, boots, and tie options of the same colour with a white cotton collar shirt.

Black Tuxedo Suit

Most contrast outfit of all, the blue tuxedo is an evergreen choice to wear at parties and formal meetings. It has a choice of black waistcoat or a blazer with a white cotton dress shirt, and black dot bow tie along with black loafers.

How to Find the right tailor for your Next Custom Tailored Suit?

The job is quite difficult even to find a tailor, getting the right tailor for your suit is even harder or the most difficult task for us lazy beings. It is common to have a few misfits in every suit as it’s made in bulk and does not every person in your city. Suits are made for men above 5’7” height in general, so most of the men do not fit that length and width. If you are looking to build up your wardrobe, consider it is altering at some point. If you already have a decent wardrobe with some expensive suits that do not fit perfectly, you are definitely in need of an excellent tailor that can alter all your decent suits for good. If you are going to compromise on the baggy shirts and pants, with a poorly shaped blazer over it, you are ruining your dollars for nothing if it can be altered correctly, that too in your town.

It is a tiresome process to locate the best tailor, or we can say a right tailor for your suit. It’s on your luck; your dream tailor could be around within few meters or a few miles away, that too after spending days in his search. So let’s start your search.

Ask the Internet

It is the easiest step of all in finding the right tailor to alter your suit. Go to google, search for all the tailors in your town, note down the number of all tailors that are reachable. Make a list of all the available tailors, if they have a website, go to their customer reviews section, see if they have previously altered dress pants and what are the customer reviews. Also, search yelp for honest reviews, shortlist the right ones and cut down the names with bad reviews.

Visit them

Now, the next task is to personally visit all the shortlisted tailors, ask them if they can do the job. If they say yes, clear your mind asking them about any ambiguities you have about the tailored suits. Some will say yes; other will refuse to do the job. Shortlist those with YES, now pick any one of the shortlisted tailors and deliver them your least expensive suit item from the wardrobe.

Don’t Take any Risk

Go for the least expensive suit for tailoring, preferably a pant, ask them to alter with original hem to remain intact. Now, see results, if it’s well and good, try adjusting your shirt the next time. If your tailor is good with altering your shirts, especially the sleeves, you have found your right custom suit tailor. If he didn’t, repeat the previous step.

Recommend to Others

Well, if you have finally found the right tailor, recommend it to your friends, colleagues, and to whom it may concern. Do them a favor of avoiding all the fatigue you’ve suffered in finding the right guy. Don’t ruin your suits for laziness, altering a single object can cost only $10-30 at max.

What Girls Love about Black and Blue Suits?

Most of us men wear stuff what girls love about, so why not talk about what suit girls love most? The answer is blue and black can be worn anytime anywhere, except for the first date. As a universally accepted and adopted fashion by men, there’s no reason girls hate when you wear a classic black suit with appropriate collared shirt and a bow or tie with black shoes, and of course a dark tie. Navy Blue or vibrant blue has its property of fitting to every situation, be it a formal meeting, a job interview, or a party next door. Girls love men in suits ten times those in casual streetwear or jeans, so wearing a suit itself is an advantage if you are going to impress her with it.

Choosing the best one out of so many costume colours increase the benefits of her talking to you at least. So, what girls love about black and blue suits? Here are the reasons.

It’s trendy

Well, everyone goes in flow with the trend, choosing a trendy colour attracts everyone including women. Blue and black never goes out of fashion, so it’s safe to say that trend follows blue and black. Also, black colour defines sophistication and women love men with nice picks such as a black suit. The trends change anyhow. Still, the well-custom-tailored suit never gets old; navy blue is an evergreen colour for men’s suits and thus an ever-loved colour by women.

It’s Irresistible

Navy Blue suit with textured tie, a light blue shirt and some tanned pair of shoes, if it is a waistcoat in place of a blazer, it’s fine by all means, it becomes irresistible to opposite sex. If you have done it right, it will steal her heart right away. As for black, it needs to be correctly worn, and you are good to go for any expedition talking to her. Moreover, the way it attracts and is picture perfect is distinct from the fact that black suits are best-selling in the world market.

It indicates Success

A man in a suit shows success; you will always have the edge over a guy with casual torn jeans and t-shirt. It also impacts the way you talk; women love successful men, your suit will help her make an opinion about you. A suit with proper fitting will make it easy for any women to adore you. Wearing a suit is a status symbol, women attract more towards the men in black & blue suits for sure.

There’s No Fashion Deadline

Black and Blue can be worn in any season, anywhere in the world. Buy an expensive one and use it for the rest of life if you wish. Both Blue and Black are evergreen, fashion never seems to upset custom-tailored suits, if you are wearing everything impeccable from head to toe, you will have a pleasant persona that is loved by women. Suits always attract attention, all you need to do is an added topping to make the situation more advantageous.

Why Black Suits Are Sexiest of All?

Black is the colour of absorption, it is a prestigious colour to wear, it looks classic, actually black is the absenteeism of any colour, so it’s more like an elegant lack of any colour, just a colour absorbing agent. It indicates power, happiness, and sorrow at the same time, evil and God are related to it. It brings a virtual power to one wearing black.

For starters, it is one of the three most-recommended suits to buy if you are just starting to wear custom-tailored suits along with navy blue and charcoal. Mostly worn on weddings and deaths, all-black has never been a suitable choice for formal meetings or studio conditions.

What’s in All-Black

Well, as its name indicates, all black has nothing to offer but black, a black tie, coat or waistcoat, shoes, and pants, all must be black along with the shades. It is simple and fits most situations if you have the right face and hair colour combination. The shirt must be in contrast with the suit, obviously as black absorbs light if white added, can make a perfect blend of contrasting colours in low light as well as sunny conditions.

Why are Black Suits Sexiest of All?

Well, it is a formal colour, an evening suit as per common perception. The trick here is who can wear it and who cannot.  All black suits look best on men with dark hair, medium to dark contrast work for English and American men having light to dark skin tone.

Wearing an all-black makes smart and fit to the situation if you are a bit bulky in size, black will cover it, you are going to look picture perfect in that dress. It tightens up the body, for skinny dudes, All-black looks no less than damn attractive and sexy, look at Hollywood, all they wear at red carpets are black.

Imagine every guy or most of men wearing black on weddings, that’s because the color is meant to look sexy, it attracts women, it looks good in pictures, under low light conditions, and it is no flattering, as simple as that, the black suit with black shoes, hair, and sunglasses is the simple and sexiest thing for men, and first choice if you are looking to build a wardrobe. For an added class, always wear a black belt with an all-black suit, it will complete the look you need for yourself, a contrasting napkin and a wristwatch will add some flavors to it, and you are 10x of more attractive than expected.

Black is considered the sexiest because of its presence in Hollywood, and executive class, most heads of states wear it, actors always have black in their wardrobe, that means it’s not just another designer trick, it’s an everlasting trend that is prized everywhere in the world.

10 Celebrities who Look Hell Dashing in Suits

The world of TV, film, music and sports has several names that are recognized for their extraordinary dressing style and the taste of fashion. Although they are praised for whatever they wear but here they are being ranked for their glamorous style and appearance in the suits.

  1. Ed Westwick is praised for having an individual style. He prefers wearing suits with the broad collars. As he accessorizes it with the gelled hair and the ballsy ascots he looks very attractive.
  2. Justin Bieber Biebs is a heartthrob. Although he is mostly seen performing in the motorcycle jackets. This is just one side of his personality. When he wears a suit with a bow or a tie he is praised on all red carpets for an impressive look.
  3. Andrew Garfield is another young name praised for the high class style. He is often seen wearing black, gray and blue suit. He has the power to conquer the hearts with his style and personality.
  4. Donald Glover is a young but creative soul with an individual style. Whatever he wears becomes a fashion symbol for the world all over. He is the representative of the cardigan street team but he looks equally great in a black suit worn with the white shirt and a tie.
  5. Nick Jonas of the famous The Jonas Brothers appears like a typical movie star. His young followers admire him for his casual dressing including the leather jackets and the slinky tees. The fashion critics cannot ignore him in the suiting as well.
  6. Armie Hammer is a renowned American actor whose role in The Social Network, and in Mirror Mirror, gave him a huge fan club. His presence on the red carpet fills the entire location with life. The way he carries his wardrobe with a bow tie is worth praising. His charismatic smile further improves his looks.
  7. Joe Jonas: If you want to praise the confidence of wearing the gutsiest suits in purple stripes, white and the plaid then you can find them in the collection of the young celebrity Joe Jonas. He was the one who intruded the jean-jacket-under-a-blazer thing and now he has given the formal appearance in suits a newer look.
  8. Jack Huston: Jack has a great taste for the midnight three piece suits. He is usually seen wearing the suits with a black tie.
  9. Daniel Radcliffe is recognized as the fashion father. The early reel life has very little to offer but today his name is associated with the skinny seersucker suit, a Simon Spurr three piece and the black-on-black varsity jacket. He has the style and the personality to inspire the viewers and the critics.
  10. Darren Criss. If you really want to know that what should a suit be like and how to wear the suits, it is better to have a look on the fashion champion Darren Criss? Whatever he wears he wears with confidence. He comes with an inspiring look when he wears the Glee’s favorite Warbler, and Blaine. He usually loves to wear the bow ties, and the trim suits with the saddle shoes.

Classic and evergreen Men Suits for parties

An elegant suit is not something that is worn on formal gatherings. With little alterations and additions of colors the suits can be added to the party wardrobe collection. A lot of experimentation has been done to make the usual suits look classy and trendy so that they can be worn to any kind of party. The party suits are often different in cuts, fittings, and colors from the formal suits. There are patterns of different types added to the party suits which make them more fun to wear in any kind of party. These patterns can be floral, stripes or dots. Similar is the case with the colors. The buyer can opt for brighter and flashy colors to match the mood of the party.

Some world class classical and evergreen suits that can be bought for the party fun are as follows:

  1. PYJTRL 4XL Gentleman Classic Shawl Collar Royal Blue Floral Pattern Suits areexcellent option to wear on all kinds of dinner Parties. They can be used as a groom’s outfit.  Stitched in the typical English style, these suits are made out of the premium quality Acetate and Polyester fabric. They are skinny and single breasted suits with fascinating and eye catching colors. They can be conveniently bought in the most appropriate size as they range from XS to 6XL.
  2. VERSMA Purple Red Men Long Blazer Suit is the latest style slim fit suit. It comes with the blazer style coat that makes it an excellent choice for parties and formal dressing too. These are Asian sized single breasted suits. The manufacturers have used Spandex, Nylon, and Polyester as the main fabrics.
  3. YOU LOOK UGLY TODAY Mens Solid Color Bachelor Solid Color Bachelor Party Suit will be an excellent choice to wear on the bachelor parties. It gives the real funky and playboy look that you intend to have in the bachelor’s party. The manufacturers have used the premium quality lightweight polyester. It makes the suiting durable and longer lasting. The top notch tailoring renders excellent fit. The two side pockets, peak lapels and side vents make it look more impressive when worn with a patterned tie of similar design.
  4. Coofandy Men’s Floral Party Dress Suit Stylish Dinner Jacket Wedding Blazer can be an elegant choice for your wardrobe that can be worn to weddings, graduations, dates, yacht party and banquets. You can choose from the M to XXXL size according to your physical dimensions. The suits are tailored out of 65% polyester and 35% Viscose. The single button closure and the four button cuffs add to the classical floral appearance and the excellent finish.

These are just the glimpses of the best party suits available around you. To get the perfect design and style of your choice you can comfortably scroll through the list of other brands too. There is a huge variety of party suits available on the market, but before buying it is essential to understand that what actually suits you. Like any other piece of dressing the suit must be bought with the same thought that everything is not made for everyone.

Top 10 Dress Shirts that can be worn anywhere

If you are the man of style looking for some great dress shirts then it’s time to choose from the following top ranking dress shirts available on the fashion market.

  1. Hugh & Crye are the master creators of dress shirts in today’s world of fashion and style. Their updated sizing system called the fit finder makes their shirts an excellent choice for any body type. They tailor the dress shirt with great perfection and precision so that they can easily fit men of all heights, weights and body types.
  2. Ralph Lauren Black Label dress shirts are made of 100% cotton. The fabric is neither transparent nor too thick. The Oxford style shirts are known for their trimmed silhouette. These shirts go well with the plain dark colored ties.
  3. Tom Ford is the name of reliability and perfection with style. It is one of the most popular names among the men of style. The sizes start from 38, thus it is an appropriate option for slightly taller and heavier customers.
  4. Turnbull & Asser is an English brand which is doing well in the fashion world for last 130 years. The slim fit shirts by this brand are great to be worn in all seasons. The three button cuff is their signature feature. They have added the regent collar which helps in adjusting the tie around the neck the way you prefer.
  5. Brooks Brothers are known for offering highest quality in the most reasonable rates. They have shirts in four different fittings namely Madison, Regent, Milano, and Traditional. The tall men and those looking for generous cuts prefer buying these dress shirts because of their huge range of neck- and sleeve-size combinations.
  6. Charvet are known for creating the dress shirts popular among the royals and the kings. These are the luxurious shirts that give a royal feeling to men wearing them. They have a wide variety of fabrics to make the shirts.
  7. Ermenegildo Zegna will give you the best point collar dress shirts. These shirts make an easy to wear option for the people at work. The broad shouldered and thin torso men love the way the shirts are tailored in a comfortable, sleek, and tapered manner giving them a flattering fit.
  8. Hamilton is a Houston based family owned company that is renowned for giving a perfect fit shirt to the men of different dimensions. From the choice of the fabric till the last stitch the shirts are evident of the high class tailoring skills of the manufacturers.
  9. Eton is a Sweden based brand of dress shirts. There Red Ribbon collection is self evident of the quality and comfort of their products. The collar and cuff variations along with four different fits prove the worth of buying the dress shirts by Eton.
  10. Thom Browne’s creations are known for their stylish, casual, extravagant and trendydress shirts. The most significant element of these shirts is the signature pop of red, white, and blue.


What to Wear for a Job Interview?

To most of the job beginners it seems that interviews are not something difficult to deal with. They consider them as some regular conversation session, but the truth is vice versa. It is the job interview that makes or breaks your entire career. It is not merely a dialogue session but a lifetime opportunity. If you are going for a job interview in near future then keep it in mind that you have to impress the interviewers not merely with your academics, skills and experience but also with your personal appearance. In this regard it is significant to decide that what we have to wear? The colors, cuts and style all matter a great deal during an interview. It is suggested that being an interviewee you should neither be overdressed nor be too casual.

In most of the workplaces it is appreciated if you go in a formal 2 or 3 piece suit, instead of wearing a sports jacket or a casual blazer. Try wearing basic colors in the suitings like black, navy, brown and gray. The suit must be well ironed and should have perfect cuts and fits. The fashion icons suggest that wearing the clean crisp and well ironed light pastel, white color or fine striped shirts with the suits is generally acceptable in all workplaces. Wearing a tie is not something important. You can go without a tie considering the existing dress code of the workplace, but if you wear a tie you need to be careful about the colors and patterns. They have to be chosen with extreme vigilance. Footwear also makes a big difference. Choose the colorsthat go well with your wardrobe. Hair cut and clean shaven face can be the sugar and spice for your appearance.

The following easy to follow tips while getting ready for an interview can help you decide, what to wear in your career making event:

  1. Choose some formal outfit regardless of where you are going, who will interview you and what job you have applied for. Don’t go for too loud colors. Grab the suit with neutral colors that go with all kinds of shirts and ties.  Avoid going for a black one as it makes things look dark.  Navy blue and grey suits are a versatile option.
  2. Don’t choose bright colored shirts. Wear dull colors like white. For a more enthusiastic look grab a shirt that is light pink or blue.
  3. 3 The shirt can be chosen in combination with the tie also. If you are choosing plain tie, wear a striped shirt. Choosing the right combination of the tie and shirt is extremely important in enhancing your looks.
  4. Adding accessories reveals your creativity. Bars, cufflinks and pocket squares should not be too dominating. They should be chosen to add a creative flair to your appearance.
  5. To be close to the choice of your bosses to be it is important to visit the workplace and explore that what the employees wear.

It’s time to style your interview the way that inspires and convinces the hiring bodies to consider you as a possible employee.


Custom tailored Men’s suits to wear in Summer

Wearing a suit in summers without getting soaked up before reaching your destination is possible. All you have to do is to choose right material for your suit and you should know when to take off your jacket and carry it. Following are some of the suggestions about the best suits to wear in summers which will help you look cool and handsome wherever you are either in a business meeting or a wedding ceremony.


To wear a white linen suit you don’t have to be Colonel Sanders. ASOS slim fit linen suit is one of the best suits for summers. It is made up of lightweight linen which is your friend on hot summer days and most importantly rays from the sun are deflected by the light colors. Pair this suit with an icy mint julep.


River Island is a London-based, family-owned company for over 60 years providing everyone in the family with relaxing attire. This checked suit by River Island is a blend of linen and cotton and it makes you look cool and handsome and keeps you cool in hot days of summer. To look even more dashing wear a pair of white sneakers.


Indochino is a virtual tailoring company which is based in Canada and China. You can visit their website and provide them your measurements and you will get a custom suit tailored and delivered to you on your door step. Amongst some of their best suits this suit is best for summers. This suit is made of lightweight and breathable linen. The olive green color makes the suit look more formal than the outer light colored suits.


Suitable offers an electric blue linen suit that will make you look different from others in your business meetings. Pair this with a white v-neck t-shirt and white sneakers or with a crisp button-down and seersucker tie. Getting dressed in either ways will make you look handsome.


J. Crew’s Suit Shop offers a variety of range from casual suits to formal tuxedos. This Italian Chino Ludlow Suit from J. Crew which is available in khaki, gray and dark blue color is a slim-fit silhouette and is made by cotton chino fabric from a mill in Milan. This suit is very comfortable to wear.


Another suit offered by J. Crew’s Suit Shop is the striped cotton suit which is perfect for outdoor weddings or you can wear it while going to a fancy restaurant located on the water. Wear the suit along with the boat shoes and a rope bracelet. This will make you look like that you belong on a yacht.


The one-stop-shop for suits is SuitSupply. It has all kinds of suits from formal to casual. This Lazio Blue Suit from SuitSupply is one made for hot summer days. This suit made up of summer-weight wool that keeps you cool and also makes you look professional.